Adam, Enough Said by Lynda Leeanne

Adam, Enough Said by Lynda LeeAnne Prologue Six Years Earlier Adam Bryant Twenty-Four Years Old She wasn’t here. And she wasn’t coming. And I fuckin’ needed her here. I needed her with me. I knew Mia hated me and I didn’t blame her, but she loved my mom. She was supposed to be here. She should be here. For everything that she’s done for my mom over the last year and a half, Mia deserved the spot at my side. Shit, she deserved the whole fuckin' row to herself. God, I felt sick. Gutted. Tired. When was the last time I ate? Two, three days? I heard people chatting softly around me, possibly talking to me, but I couldn’t concentrate and I couldn’t care less about whatever the hell it was they were saying. Everything was a blur. Since I’d arrived, family members that I hadn’t seen or heard from in years started giving me their condolences, apologizing for my loss, and it took everything in my power not to tell them to go fuck themselves. They didn't deserve to be here. They hadn't helped. Mia had been the only one. I hated funerals. But who didn’t, when i
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