After Math by Denise Grover Swank

Chapter One I’m late. I stand outside the doorway of my Western civ class, caught in a dilemma. Either go in and have thirty pairs of eyes stare at me or leave, which means missing my test. The decision is already made. I only need to open the door and walk in. I suck oxygen into my lungs, past my tightened airway, as I try to calm down and turn the doorknob. My professor is standing at the white board, writing Ancient Greece in a big scrawl with a blue marker that is running out of ink. He barely pauses as he lifts his eyes at the sound of the door hinges before returning to his task, yet my heart still pounds in my chest. My breath still catches. I can’t do this. In spite of the surety that I will flunk the test and ruin my 4.0 GPA, I choose to leave. I spin around and slam into something hard. When I stumble backward, strong hands grab my arms and right me. “I know I make girls swoon, but this is a first,” a deep voice drawls. I instantly know whom this voice belongs to. Tucker Price. Southern University’s soccer team superstar and resident man-whore. He sits in the end row, second seat. I jerk out of his hold
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