Alien Embrace by Tracy St. John

Alien Embrace By Tracy St. John Chapter One "You're being watched," Ambassador Vrill whispered to Amelia. Of course I am. I'm the guest of honor and the only Earther here, the redhead thought. Still, Vrill’s excited tone raised goosebumps on Amelia’s bare arms. She checked the fiery red and gold gown that had been custom sewn for her there on the planet Plasius. It managed to cover her where it should -- barely. She still couldn’t believe Vrill had convinced her to wear the almost non-existent dress. The Plasian must have snuck something in Amelia’s drink. There was no other explanation. The neck of the sleeveless gown plunged to below her navel. It was bad enough the fabric was whisper-thin; she had to be careful her movements didn’t shift the barely-there bodice to expose her entire breasts to the crowded room. Since she was amply endowed, the meager bit of fabric was constantly endangering Amelia’s modesty. The halter of the dress would have left her entire back naked but for her hair. Her tresses were caught back from her face in glittering combs to flow in a waved auburn riv
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