As She's Told by Anneke Jacob

The ideal D/s relationship for Anders and Maia is nothing less than total power exchange: no games, no negotiations, no safewords. When the two stumble onto each other in an on-line chat room, the fire of their offbeat sexual desires ignites and draws them together for an explosive sexual encounter. For Maia, Anders offers the kind of firm and unyielding dominant she has only dreamed of. For Anders, his new sub is as deliciously erotic as she is submissive to his will.


During the first weeks of their relationship, Anders lays down rules for his new possession, while Maia gradually hands over her autonomy, slipping into the obedience that is basic to her nature. Anders explores, manipulates and experiments on both mind and body, all of which she laps up in a continuous state of terror and joy.

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