Black Beast (Shadow Thane #1) by Nenia Campbell

She walks the line between the hunter and the hunted.


Vampires want her blood.


Witches consider her less-than-human.


Slayers simply want her dead.


As if being in high school wasn't hard enough, Catherine Pierce has to deal with a whole other set of problems that arise from being a shifter that hasn't settled. Because after puberty, shifters are supposed to stop changing--and Catherine, well, hasn't.


Even among her own kind, Catherine is regarded as a freak.


To make matters worse, she'd caught the attention of the witches' Council because they think she's been dabbling in dark magic because of a stupid old book that popped up at her work. And she's been having nightmares about a terrifying man who calls himself the Shadow Thane and plans to end the world in a burst of darkness and dragon fire.


Just in case that wasn't enough, a branch of Slayers are infiltrating Catherine's town, under the guise of a community youth group called Sterling Rep.


Times are changing and that means, for Catherine, it's time to Change.

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