Bride By Mistake by Anne Gracie

One London 1819 “You’re a madman, Ripton!” Luke Ripton shrugged and gathered his reins. “The curricle can be repaired, Jarvis. At least your horses aren’t injured.” “No thanks to you!” Jarvis snarled. “Passing me like that—you damned near grazed my wheels—” “But I didn’t,” Luke coldly interrupted. The man drove like an over-anxious debutante. “There was no need to swerve so violently. You had only to hold your nerve.” “Nerve? I’ll give you nerve.” Jarvis started forward, only to be restrained by the friends who’d come to witness—and bet on—the race. “Steady on, Jarvis. Lord Ripton won fair and square,” said one of his friends. “You were a fool to challenge him in the first place,” said another, a little too drunk for tact. “Everyone knows Ripton don’t care if he lives or dies. Makes him—hic!—unbeatable.” Luke tipped his hat to his still fuming opponent and drove away. Was it true? Did he care if he lived or died? He considered the question as he drov
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