Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR by American Psychiatric Association

This Text Revision incorporates information culled from a comprehensive literature review of research about mental disorders published since the DSM-IV(R) of 1994. Updated information is included about the associated features, culture, age & gender features, prevalence, course & familial pattern of mental disorders. The DSM-IV-TR(R) brings this essential diagnostic tool to-date, to promote effective diagnosis, treatment & quality of care. One can get all the essential diagnostic information from the DSM-IV(R) along with important updates not in the '94 edition. Benefit from new research into Schizophrenia, Asperger's Disorder & other conditions. Utilize additional information about the epidemiology & other facets of DSM conditions. Update ICD-9-CM codes implemented since 1994 including Conduct Disorder, Dementia, Somatoform Disorders.
Use of the manual
DSM-IV-TR classification
Multiaxial assessment
Disorders usually 1st diagnosed in infancy, childhood or adolescence
Delirium, dementia & amnestic & other cognitive disorders
Mental disorders due to a general medical condition
Substance-related disorders
Schizophrenia & other psychotic disorders
Mood disorders
Anxiety disorders
Somatoform disorders
Factitious disorders
Dissociative disorders
Sexual & gender identity disorders
Eating disorders
Sleep disorders
Impulse-control disorders not elsewhere classified
Adjustment disorders
Personality disorders
Other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention
Additional codes
Appendix A: Decision trees for differential diagnosis
Appendix B: Criteria sets & axes provided for further study
Appendix C: Glossary of technical terms
Appendix D: Highlights of changes in DSM-IV text revision
Appendix E: Alphabetical listing of DSM-IV-TR diagnoses & codes
Appendix F: Numerical listing of DSM-IV-TR diagnoses & codes
Appendix G: ICD-9-CM codes for selected general medical conditions & medication-induced disorders
Appendix H: DSM-IV classification with ICD-10 codes
Appendix I: Outline for cultural formulation & glossary of culture-bound syndromes
Appendix J: DSM-IV contributors
Appendix K: DSM-IV text revision advisers

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