Lyon's Crew by Jordan Silver

Chapter 1 My boy Jared had been going on for weeks about his childhood friend, some chick named Kat, that was moving here from Arizona. Why the hell anyone would want to move here was beyond me, but her dad was here, supposedly, and she was coming to live with him. The way Jared talked I imagined some timid little thing afraid of her own shadow. The way he made it seem like he'd spent their summers together protecting her from everything. I didn't really have time for that type; they usually just got on my fucking nerves with their simpering asses. Always afraid to try new things. Jared was dying to bring her to meet the crew when she landed, and I wasn't too jazzed about it, but it was his deal, so whatever. "So, Colton, I was thinking." "What were you thinking, Jared?" I tightened the front wheel of the beauty I was working on. A chopper for some Hollywood hot shot who would probably total the shit in less than a week. Shit, it was his seventy five thousand down the drain. Why should I care? I looked back at Jared when he didn't answer right away. I had a cool relationship wi
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