Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon by Kim Lawrence

CHAPTER ONE ‘OF COURSE I knew it would never last.’ The words brought Georgie to an abrupt halt as she was dragged back four years in time without warning. For most people it had been the summer of the heatwave, when cold, damp Britain had basked in tropical temperatures. For Georgie it had been the summer her life had changed. She had been just twenty-one then, a fairly typical student enjoying the summer break before returning to college for her final year. Her only plans had revolved around the teaching career she’d wanted and the car she’d been saving up to buy. The previous term she had been stopped in the street by a clipboard-wielding woman doing a survey for a television programme. ‘Do you believe in marriage?’ ‘I don’t disbelieve in it.’ ‘So you would get married?’ the interviewer pressed. ‘Me…? Oh, I’m far too young to be even thinking about it.’ Georgie laughed. ‘I want to have some fun before I settle down.’ Barely three months later she had been exchanging vows with a man she had known less than a month. And yes, her grandm
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