Talon's Heart by Jordan Silver

PROLOGUE Talon Avery paced back and forth in front of the school library. His tense posture and scowling expression kept friend and foe at bay, though it didn't deter any from keeping track of his every move. When a lethal weapon was barely contained it paid to be on the alert, and damn near everyone on campus was aware that Talon was about to blow his top and unleash his infamous temper on all and sundry. Thankfully it was a known fact that only those in the direct line of fire ever felt the full force of his wrath. Skye Abbott fielded her fifth call in as many minutes, heart racing and pulse going haywire. Reading the face of her cell she saw that it was her BFF Stephanie calling. TALON I can feel everyone’s eyes following my every move as though they were expecting me to lose it any minute and go postal. If I were being honest with myself I would admit that they had every right to be apprehensive, but I'm not feeling very magnanimous at the moment. What I felt was rage, anger and frustration, a very volatile combination for someone of my temperament. I tried my phone one more time punching the redial button like it was the enemy. If these clo
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