Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of possibility by Arthur Rosengarten

This book provides an approach for understanding the psychological and spiritual possibilities of human experience, through Tarot divination.

This is a book that challenges the thinking of both practicing clinical psychologist and practicing Tarot readers...this work is based on solid clinical training and the author’s own extensive research and practical clinical experience. The author has developed a Spectrum of Possibility for each card in the Tarot deck. These spectra are not the cut and dried “card meanings”...but rich shades of psychological meaning...the author explains the Jungian Theory of Synchronicity, that is, the notion of acausality. This is the most lucid and uncomplicated exposition of this important and oft misunderstood subject. This is a “must read” for clinicians who are looking for new approaches to old problems and for Tarotists looking for a work with more depth and meaning than yet another description of the archetypal images of the Major Arcana.

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