The Agreement by S. E. Lund

THE AGREEMENT S. E. LUND CHAPTER ONE Agreeing to wear the shoes was a mistake. Although I worked as a cocktail waitress during my undergrad and wore heels for years, once I started my Masters degree and worked as a teaching assistant instead, I'd been dressing casual and was out of practice. My best friend Dawn ignored my protests, insisting on choosing my outfit for the fundraiser my father was hosting for Doctors Without Borders, his favorite charity. I went to her apartment before the event so she could style me. After she did my makeup, she selected a dress from her collection instead of my own sorry closet, choosing a little black wrap dress that only made my already-slightly-too-ample chest more obvious. I even wore real nylons with a seam up the back and her garter belt instead of pantyhose because the only pair I had ripped as I pulled them on, a fingernail snagging them along the calf and all she had were nurse's white stockings. "Use these," she said, pulling them out of a drawer. "They're Brenda's." "I can't wear those," I said, making a face. Brenda was Dawn's sister, who move
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