A Highland Wolf Christmas (Heart of the Wolf #15) by Terry Spear

Chapter 1 In a rush to pack before her ex-fiancé discovered her home alone, Calla Stewart felt jittery, on edge. She knew that breaking up with Baird McKinley had been the best thing for her to do—though she wished she’d taken her good friend Cearnach MacNeill’s advice way before she reached the altar. Wedding and mating Baird was the worst thing she could have done. She should be relieved and happy now, moving forward with her life. Except for one thing. The wolf wasn’t giving her up easily. The Celtic Christmas harp music playing and the Christmas lights sparkling on her tabletop tree did little to lighten her mood as she hurried to pack the rest of her things for her stay at the MacNeills’ Argent Castle. Normally, her home—the carriage house behind her parents’ manor house—was a place of joy where she could recharge her batteries, relax, and enjoy some peace and solitude after the often hectic days and nights she spent operating her party-planning business. But her parents were on their way to Ireland to visit family, so they wouldn’t be around to help her out if she had trouble. Their trip was so su
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