Afterlife (Knights of the Board Room #4) by Joey W. Hill

Chapter One “I better get a good report on you today, Sergeant. Any whining and you"ll get your ass blistered soon as we get out of here. Maybe sooner.” Rachel sucked in a surprised breath as Dana"s white cane shot out toward Peter"s unprotected shin with impressive accuracy. Despite his formidable size, Peter sidestepped it with practiced grace, tossing Rachel a grin as he slid an arm around Dana"s waist, drawing her to his side. Closing his hand over her slim fingers, he plucked the cane from her. “And I"d best hold onto this for you.” “Chicken,” Dana retorted. She turned her face up to him. “Afraid a little blind girl"s going to take you down with a plastic stick.” Rachel pressed her lips together against a smile as Peter used one arm and a quick move to hoist his petite fiancée over his shoulder. Though Dana threatened to dismember him in creative ways, he simply steadied her with one hand spread across her attractive bottom. When he hooked his thumb in one of the pockets of her snug jeans, that intimacy alone was enough to make Rachel ache. “Where do you want her?” h
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