All Revved Up (Dangerous #1) by Sylvia Day

Chapter 1 The smell of motor oil, degreaser, and coolant were among the very few scents in the world that made Miguel Santos's dick hard enough to drive nails. He blamed that on Faith Bennett. The girl he'd loved with the wild, intense passion only experienced in adolescence. The girl he had slaked all his raging teenage hormones on every chance he could. The girl he'd fully intended to marry and spend the rest of his life spoiling with the sort of expensive gifts, cars, and homes her struggling family couldn't afford. ...until she'd kicked him to the curb the day after his high school graduation. Miguel pulled the keys from the ignition of the sleek BMW coupe he'd rented at the airport, then slid out from behind the wheel. He took off his sunglasses and stared at the auto shop in front of him. Bennett and Sons Garage looked better than he'd ever seen it. Fresh tan and forest green paint spoke of steady business, as did the number of cars in the service area. They'd expanded at some point, taking over the lot next door that used to be a paint shop. He'd noted on the drive over that the neighborhood had been revitalized. So much had
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