An Improper Affair (Millionaire of the Month #4) by Anna DePalo

One Cooling his heels in a backwater like Hunter's Landing wasn't Ryan's idea of a good time, but then, nothing was these days. He was so close to victory he could almost taste it, and since revenge was a dish best served cold, he intended to take his time savoring the triumph. In the meantime, he didn't intend to let his prey off the hook. Webb Sperling— CEO and chairman of the board of Sperling department stores, and the man he was forced to call his father— would never know what hit him. Now he walked along one of the main shopping drags around south Lake Tahoe, keeping his eye out for a place where he might pick up a wedding gift. If he was stuck in Hunter's Landing for the month of June, he might as well figure out what amusements lay nearby. There were precious few amusements to be had in Himter's Landing itself, that was for sure. He figured the locals in such a quiet little place depended on their cable service for access to television, the Internet and the world. Cable interested him. Cable had made him rich. His company. El Ray Technology, was among the bigger players in California's fabled Silicon Valley.
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