Captivated by the Tycoon (The Whittakers #4) by Anna DePalo

One He was the last man she wanted to see. The last man she expected to see in her reception room. Matthew Whittaker was heir to one of Boston’s great fortunes and witness to the most humiliating day of her life. Lauren came to a halt inside the discreet office doors of Ideal Match. She was unaccustomedly late, thanks to a luncheon appointment that had run overtime and the snow flurries of the uncooperative January weather. Hurried and breathless, she fought to slow her breath as her eyes connected with his. He was already unfurling himself from his position on the couch, and she steeled herself against his looming presence. “Your two o’clock appointment is here.” Her gaze cut across the reception room to Candace, who raised her eyebrows and opened her eyes wide, then back to the man who stood facing her. Stalling for time to regain her composure, she slowly walked toward him. “Matt,” she acknowledged, relieved that her voice sounded close to normal. “This is a surprise.” “Hello, Lauren,” he said. “It’s been a while.” When she’d last seen him, he’d been weari
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