Chosen (The Warrior Chronicles #1) by K.F. Breene

Chapter 1 The night pressed against the windows of the small house, so dense it felt solid. The five-year-old girl opened her eyes slowly, allowing sleep to recede. She registered a foreign push against her skull; an overwhelming tension battering at her mental shields. Confused, she opened herself up, trying to figure out what was happening. As if pushed out into a storm, her mind was flooded with emotions—determination, fatigue, sorrow, anxiety, rage—she was nearly dragged under with the explosion of turmoil around her. She stumbled out of bed, calling for her mother. “Go back to bed, young Shanti. Your mother has gone to see about something.” Putting her hand out, trying to physically block the mental bombardment, Shanti squinted into the darkness, making out her grandmother sitting by the window in the front room. “What is going on, Gamma? Why are you afraid?” Her grandmother waved her away urgently. “I just had a bad dream, darling. Go back to bed.” “But—“ “GO! Shanti GO!” her grandmother screamed as she bolted upright, grabbing a throwing knife from her belt. Start
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