Crescent Moon (Nightcreature #4) by Lori Handeland

Chapter 1 A life spent fulfilling a vow to a dead man is really no life at all, but I'd loved Simon Malone, and I'd promised. I'm a zoologist by trade, a cryptozoologist by choice. If I'd followed my training, I'd be holed up in a zoo or worse, studying giraffes and pygmy goats. Instead, I trace rumors of mythical animals and try to prove they exist. A frustrating exercise. There's a reason no one's captured a Bigfoot They don't want to be found, and they're a lot better at hiding than anyone on earth is at seeking. Or at least that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it Most cryptozoologists attempt to find undiscovered species or evolutionary wonders - real animals, nothing paranormal about them - but not me. Nope. I'd made that vow. Foolish, but when a woman loves a man the way that I loved Simon, she does foolish things, especially when he's dying in her arms. So I follow every legend, every folk tale, every scrap of information, trying to uncover something mythical and prove it real. Though I've never believed in magic, my husband did, and the only thing I've ever believed in was him. I was
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