Firestorm (Weather Warden #5) by Rachel Caine

Chapter One I was thinking that the Wardens needed a new motto. The old one, the one on the seals on my diploma, was Defensor Hominem, Latin for "Defender of Mankind," but sometime in the past twenty-four hours, I'd become convinced that I had a more appropriate motto: We're So Screwed. Yeah, that pretty much covered it. "Duck!" I yelled as another piece of debris came flying toward us, and grabbed for whatever order I could manage in the chaos of the weather around us. Not the easiest thing in the world, considering that the whole eastern seaboard's system had been destabilized by a gigantic killer supernatural storm--now mysteriously vanquished, through no doing of mine--and all kinds of random, unpleasant, potentially fatal problems were presenting themselves. Currently, those included a rather large and very aggressive tornado plowing its way across some unoccupied farmland and tossing pieces of broken fence ahead of it like shrapnel. Cherise--my traveling companion, mainly because she had a kick-ass fast Mustang and I needed wheels--squeaked and hit the dirt, covering her pretty blond head with both hands. I remained stand
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