Guardian Ranger (Shadow Agents #2) by Cynthia Eden

Chapter One Desperation had driven Veronica Lane to the small, run-down bar in the middle of absolute nowhere. That same desperation had her hands shaking and her heart racing as she pushed open the bar’s old wooden doors and risked a cautious step inside Last Chance. The bar name was rather fitting, but not exactly reassuring. No band was playing in the bar. It wasn’t that kind of place—no live bands would ever be playing in a joint like this. The interior was dim, and the bar smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. Despite its worn appearance, Last Chance was packed, mostly with men who were drinking and with some ladies who were dancing. Dancing to their own beat because the jukebox wasn’t exactly spitting out any nice tunes. Veronica felt unwanted eyes on her as she took another slow step inside the building. She knew her mark waited in that bar. She’d worked hard to track the man down. Now Veronica just had to convince him to help her. I can do this. She hoped. The ridiculous high heels that she wore weren’t exactly helping her to navigate or to look as though she knew what the heck she was doing. She’d tried
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