Her Unexpected Admirer (The Alfieri Saga #4) by Elizabeth Lennox

Prologue Fifteen minutes, Davis told himself. Show up, pretend to look and get out. He glanced at his watch, noting the time of arrival and mentally anticipating his departure time even before he walked into the studio. Damn, he truly disliked art and all the pretensions that went along with it. Davis considered paintings and sculpture to be a monumental waste of time. Why people needed something to decorate their walls was a mystery to him. His decorator, an irritating woman with too many teeth, had insisted on “investment pieces”. So there were some ridiculous “art works” decorating his walls that had cost him a stupid amount of money. He’d acquiesced on the purchases simply because he knew that they would have a good return when he sold them. Yep, he thought as he stepped into the crowded art gallery, white walls, a lot of people oohing and ahhing about art that….Davis’ eyes glanced at the first painting and his mind stopped functioning. All the disparaging comments he’d been about to think just left his mind as he took in the spectacular colors and shapes in front of him. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was viewin
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