Honor Bound (Knights of the Board Room #3) by Joey W. Hill

One “I can’t believe you broke out the 1939 Macallan.” Peter examined the bottle of whiskey. “You must think I’m going to die this time.” Ben slanted him a grin. “Well, it is your second tour. Two strikes.” “Man has that much luck, it’s got to run out,” Lucas agreed. The athletic CFO dodged Peter’s affable punch, leaning back in the spacious VIP booth that allowed plenty of room for the five men, all at or above six feet tall, with shoulder spans to match. “You guys are terrible,” their waitress decided, a dark-eyed Spanish beauty with a name tag that said Maria. With extreme pleasure, Peter noted the lushness of her br**sts, presented with mouthwatering appeal over the tight hold of her velvet blue corset. Nothing got him going like a corset, the way it held a woman’s body, the subtle implications of restraint. The guys knew him well. There was no better place than an upscale BDSM club to bring him the week before he shipped out. “Honey, where you going?” she asked. “Afghanistan.” “Iraq’s too tame for him,” Matt
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