Hope Smolders (Hope 0.5) by Jaci Burton

CHAPTER ONE Despite the five or six little kids trailing behind her, Will Griffin noticed the woman. How could he not? Great legs drew his eye every time, and hers were outstanding. This woman had dark hair pulled back in some kind of messy ponytail, a rainbow-colored straw hat, and the ugliest swimsuit cover-up thing he’d ever seen. Not the typical kind of body you saw walking past the glass in the workout room at Hope’s community gym. Maybe that’s why she’d caught his eye. The kids all squealing with delight as they made their way to the pool might have been the ones who’d drawn his attention at first, but their leader, with her sexy legs peeking out the bottom of that ugly-as-hell cover-up, kept his attention after that. Plus, he was sure he knew her. Her straw hat was pulled just low enough, and she kept turning her head away from the glass so he couldn’t see her face. Was she doing it deliberately? He hadn’t yet started his workout, so he detoured from the gym area where he’d been headed and made a beeline toward the pool. He hit the men’s locker room and grabbed a towel. “You go
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