Lost Boy (The Lonely #2) by Tara Brown

Chapter One Boston - September, 2009 What catches my eye first? I want to say it’s the full red lips, but it’s the dead look in her eyes. I lick my lips, it’s unconsciously done. I don’t like doing things involuntarily, but I have an overwhelming desire and filthy want to hear her scream… LOUD. I want to see the dead leave her eyes as they light up for me. My hands nearly leap at my buckle but I force them to stay. Everything is forced to remain motionless. Let her make the moves and reveal herself to me. She sits on the floor on her knees, arching her back perfectly. She is so well trained that even her reflex muscles are under her control. I don’t like that. I like the dead look; she has no control over that. My gaze narrows, again something happening on its own. “Were you forced to come?” I ask softly. She shakes her head, lowering her face slightly. She knows better than to answer me while looking at me. “No sir.” Too perfect for me. I need her damage to be real. “Do you like this, or is it something you have to do?” She licks her red lips, nods, and whispers with a s
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