Loving Lachlyn (Ashland Pride #2) by R.E. Butler

Chapter 1 Alek Fallon sat back in the desk chair and took a drink of coffee. His shift as a deputy for the Ashland Police Department had just started. It was June, and the local kids were about to finish school for the summer, which would mean that vandalism and curfew violations would rise for the next few months, and the normally rarely busy police department would be very busy indeed. He didn’t mind one way or the other. He liked all aspects of being a cop, even the paperwork. It was a proud Fallon family tradition. His grandfather, his father, two uncles, and his twin brothers were cops. Alek worked the day shift, starting at seven a.m. and working until three p.m. It allowed him to get home about the same time as his cousins did from school and spend time with them. He lived in a boarding house in Ashland with his mountain lion pride that included uncles, cousins, and other mountain lions who had come from their former home in King, Pennsylvania. He brushed a hand through his light brown hair and turned his thoughts away from his past and back to the schedule. His brother Eryx was the sheriff and had put Alek in charge of handling the schedule. Unlike Eryx
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