Marking Melody (Ashland Pride #3) by R.E. Butler

Preface *Thirteen Years Earlier* The tall woman with yellow hair held out the piece of candy to Jilly Fallon. The woman smiled, and so did several other tall yellow-haired ladies with her. “Go on, Jillian. It’s just a piece of candy.” “My daddy said I shouldn’t take candy from strangers,” Jilly answered. “And my name is Jilly.” One of the women knelt in front of Jilly in the park where she played with friends. “I’m a friend of your dad’s, Jillian, so I’m not a stranger.” Jilly took the candy, unwrapping it from the paper and looking at the pink candy. Jilly knew she shouldn’t take the candy, but it smelled like strawberries and that was her favorite thing. And the ladies were smiling. They seemed…nice. She popped the oval candy into her mouth. It tasted like strawberries. Jilly felt tired suddenly. Her eyes watered and her fingers tingled. She felt herself start to fall, but one of the ladies picked her up and carried her. “Don’t worry, little lioness, it will all make sense soon. You’re about to become part of our sisterhood and you’ll n
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