Mirror of My Soul (Nature of Desire #4) by Joey W. Hill

Chapter One She heard The Zone staff come in but didn’t move, simply too numb to do anything. She must have phased out for a bit, just stroking the back of his thigh, for suddenly she was vaguely aware of an employee reaching under her to release the manacles on his ankles. “Thanks. Darken the ceiling on your way out, will you?” Tyler’s voice, the only thing that registered. There was the whir of the mechanism, shutting out faces that were probably wondering what kind of show they’d just seen. The last performance of the Ice Queen. “They’ll never let me come back. You have no choice but to kick me out now. There isn’t a rule I didn’t just break.” “Well, I wouldn’t count on that. I told Perry we were planning a demonstration of what not to do. Like a community service message.” She knew he was free now but he didn’t disturb her yet, letting her kneel there, holding him. “Do you always anticipate everything?” There was a silent moment before he answered. “No. I didn’t anticipate that I would fall in love with you from the very first moment I saw you.&rdqu
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