Mistress of Redemption (Nature of Desire #5) by Joey W. Hill

Preface—A Word About Jonathan (or Nathan)… For those of you familiar with my earlier works, Holding the Cards and Natural Law, the idea that Jonathan is getting his own story might be shocking. Make a hero out of the “bad guy” who nearly destroyed Lauren’s soul? Who almost got Mac killed? Joey, have you lost your mind?! Jonathan was the worst kind of bottom. A twisted sub, a sexual predator who enjoyed manipulative games with his chosen Mistresses until he destroyed them emotionally and moved on to his next prey. The only person who stopped him was a Mistress who was more of a sociopath than he was, who used him to try to kill Mac Nighthorse. If she had succeeded, of course my fans would have wanted to consign Jonathan to Hell forever, for no male hero of mine to date has been as widely beloved as Mac Nighthorse of Natural Law. Truth be told, it never occurred to me that Jonathan should have his own story. Not until a fan (who is a Domme) started pushing me in that direction with questions like “Why does he continually have to prove his manhood by submitting and then manipulating others? How does it serve him better than being
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