On Fire (Shadow Stalkers #4) by Sylvia Day

Chapter one Darcy Michaels adjusted her gloved grip on her toolbox and picked her way carefully over the charred remains of her favorite candy store. Around her, firefighters moved through the smoldering ruins, checking every crevice and corner to be certain the fire was completely extinguished. Water dripped from the blackened walls and ceiling to puddle on the floor below, and the smell of smoke and burned sugar clung to her nostrils and skin, sinking into the very fiber of her uniform. “Third one in as many weeks,” James Ralston muttered behind her. “I’m sorry, Darcy. I know you loved this place.” She stopped and faced her mentor, her chest gripped in a vise of pain. Like the two previous fires, this blaze had destroyed a location that was dear to her and had held precious memories. She’d celebrated her twelfth birthday at the Sweet Spot candy shop, and she stopped by every Friday to stock up on the sour lemonade straws her sister had turned her on to. Focus on the details, Darcy. Don’t lose it now. “Whoever the arsonist is,” she said, “he’s not going to quit. He’s been doing this too
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