One Night with Prince Charming (Aristocratic Grooms #2) by Anna DePalo

One She’d just witnessed a train wreck. Oh, no, not a literal one, Pia shook her head now at the wedding reception. But a figurative one was just as bad. It was funny what a train wreck looked like from one end of a church aisle, with yards of ivory satin on display and the mingled scents of lilies and roses in the June air. As a wedding planner, she’d dealt with plenty of disasters. Grooms with cold feet. Brides who’d outsized their wedding dress. Even, once, a ringbearer who’d swallowed one of the rings. But surely Pia’s always-practical close friend would have no such problems at her wedding. Or so Pia had thought up until about two hours ago. Of course, the passengers in their pews had all been agape as the Marquess of Easterbridge had stridden purposely up the aisle and announced that, in fact, there was an objection to Belinda Wentworth marrying Tod Dillingham. That, in fact, Belinda’s hasty and secret marriage to Colin Granville, current Marquess of Easterbridge, had never been annulled. Collectively, the cream of New York City society had blinked. Eyes had widened and eyebrows had shot up in the pews of St. Bart&rsq
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