Passion for the Game (Georgian #2) by Sylvia Day

Chapter 1 “I f all angels of death were as lovely as you, men would line up to die.” Maria, Lady Winter, shut the lid of her enameled patch box with a decisive snap. Her revulsion for the mirrored reflection of the man who sat behind her made her stomach roil. Taking a deep breath, she kept her gaze trained on the stage below, but her attention was riveted by the incomparably handsome man who sat in the shadows of her theater box. “Your turn will come,” she murmured, maintaining her regal façade for the benefit of the many lorgnettes pointed in her direction. She had worn crimson silk tonight, accented by delicate black lace frothing from elbow-length sleeves. It was her most-worn color. Not because it suited her Spanish heritage coloring so well —dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin—but because it was a silent warning. Bloodshed. Stay away. The Wintry Widow, the voyeurs whispered. Two husbands dead…and counting. Angel of death. How true that was. Everyone around her died, except for the man she cursed to Hades. The low chuckle at her shoulder made her skin crawl. “It will take more than you, my dearest
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