Pleasures of the Night (Dream Guardians, #1) by Sylvia Day

Prologue The woman beneath Aidan Cross was only moments away from a stunning orgasm. Her throaty cries filled the air, urging their audience to draw closer. After centuries of protecting women in this manner, he knew the signs and adjusted his thrusts accordingly. His lean h*ps rose and fell in tireless motion, stroking his c*ck through her creamy depths with unfailing skill. She gasped, scratched his skin, arched her back. "Yes, yes, yes…" The breathless pants made him smile, the power of her rapidly approaching cl**ax filling the room with a glow only he could see. On the fringes of the Twilight, where the light of her passion met the dark of her inner fears, the Nightmares waited with palpable excitement. But he held them off. He would deal with them in a moment. Cupping her buttocks, Aidan angled her h*ps higher, so that every deep thrust rubbed the root of his c*ck against her clit. She came with a cry, her cunt rippling in orgasm along the hard length of him, her body moving with a wild, reckless abandon she never displayed while awake. He kept her there, suspended in rapture, absorbing the energy this dream created. He enhanced
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