Rock Chick Redux (Rock Chick #8.5) by Kristen Ashley

Not sleep attire. Honeymoon attire. Meant to be worn and taken off. I had twenty such nighties in my suitcases. No joke. Twenty. I was on my honeymoon and determined to do it right. So far, my husband appreciated my efforts and even though the nighties cost a mint, the ones I’d used spent most of their time on the floor. I did not have a problem with this. I slid the nightie on and put my feet to the floor. Standing up, I wandered to and out the doors. I looked right and my stomach flipped. This was because I saw my husband. Slouched in a deck chair wearing faded jeans rolled up his calves, his legs lifted up, ankles crossed, feet on the railing. Also a white linen t-shirt he hadn’t bothered to do up so it was hanging loose at his sides, showing the wide expanse of his defined chest and sculpted abs. And twinkling in the sun, his wide gold wedding band on his long strong finger. He’d picked my engagement ring and the bands. It was his statement I was taken. It was his statement he was too. I freaking loved that. I took a moment to study his lusciousness. He was staring at the sea, his dark-stubbled
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