Savage Possession (Temple of Luna #1) by Moira Rogers

Chapter One “You’re overdue, Rais.” How his cousin managed to pack so much admonition into three words, he’d never know. “Not so terribly, Zahra.” “Three moons.” Her white robes swished softly as she walked, a familiar sound in the Temple. “Almost four. Dangerous.” “I know danger, cousin.” The far door of the hall opened, admitting the noises and scents of the bathing pools and lush flora in the courtyard. Rais kept his eyes closed and relished the gentle sounds. On the battlefield, nothing blocked out the violence and destruction, the bodies of dead men and wolves alike. Shutting one’s eyes might eclipse the blood and rent, burned flesh for a few moments, but it left behind either pained screams or dead silence to assault the senses. Here, at least, peace reigned in the quiet. Zahra’s cuffs jingled as she laid a hand on his arm. “This could well be your last visit. Has your father spoken with you?” “Yes.” Rais gritted his teeth. “He feels my birthday feast would be even more festive if we were to celebrate my coronation as well.”
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