Seducing Samantha (Ashland Pride #1) by R.E. Butler

Preface Eight-year-old Ben Fallon swung his feet as he sat in his third grade music class. His teacher, Miss Thomas, was talking about the upcoming spring concert. She hadn’t been their teacher long, just since January when the old teacher retired to go somewhere warmer than Ashland, Indiana. Ben eyed Miss Thomas carefully. She was short like his cousin’s wife, Callie. And she had a nice smile. And pretty blonde hair. She didn’t wear a ring on her finger, which he had heard meant that she wasn’t married. As he watched her play the piano while the girls in the class sang, he wondered if he could get his dad to meet her. He heard his cousin Callie say that there wasn’t anything better than a man in uniform, and his dad had joined the Ashland police force when they moved to town a year and a half ago. As he began to sing along to the bouncy song, a plan formed in his mind. It wouldn’t take too much, he didn’t think, to get his dad to the school to meet Miss Thomas. She was pretty and nice, and unlike his real mother, she was human and wouldn’t hate him and ignore him. Plus his dad was lonely. All the mountain lion male
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