Sierra Falls (Sierra Falls #1) by Veronica Wolff

One “Come on, Dad. It’s called a frittata.” Sorrow scooped her egg, potato, and bacon creation onto a plate and held it out to her father. “It’s the same food you just ordered, just a different shape. See?” She prodded it with a fork. “Bacon, eggs, and hash browns, only all mixed up.” Bear Bailey gave it a quick, skeptical examination. “Mangled up, more like. Nothing beats Sully’s scrambles.” He gave their fry cook a conspiratorial wink. “Ain’t that right, Sully?” “Yes, sir.” Sully spared him a sharp nod before getting right back to work, his entire focus on a griddle jammed full of pancakes. The man found ways to express his independence, but going against his employer wasn’t one of them. Sorrow supposed you could take the man out of the military, but you couldn’t take the military out of the man. “More for me then.” She stepped around Sully, but at the last minute, snuck a bit of her frittata onto a plate for him, giving the man a pointed look. What her father didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. He’d never change the menu at h
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