Someone Unexpected (Blu Brothers #1) by Ashley Blake

Chapter One – The Dream Okay, this is weird, everything seems too perfect.  I was walking home through the park and something was different but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  The air was fresher than I had ever remembered, the grass was a beautiful bright green, the flowers were more vibrant and beautiful than the prettiest picture I had ever seen, and as I looked at the people around me everyone seemed to be happy and had a smile on their face.  Could this day be any more perfect?  I felt really happy as I walked toward my building and I couldn't quite tell why I was in such a good mood, but I felt a huge sense of peace and happiness all around me.  A couple was walking toward me and from a distance they looked so happy together.  He had his arm draped over her shoulder and her head was lying on his shoulder, her arm around him.  That’s so sweet, I can’t wait to have that with someone.  I had a smile on my face as they got closer and it slowly turned to a frown when I saw her battered face and the look of fear in her eyes.  He had a strong hold on her and a sinister look on his face. 
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