Sudden Backtrack (The Hollows #13.1) by Kim Harrison

“That’s not Peth. That’s Kalla.” The hunter’s name slipped from Gally with an oily hatred, hot and simmering, just below the point of ignition. His hand clenched until the scars pulled, and Newt, standing beside him under the moonlit, fog-coated trees in the ever-after, turned with a smirk on her hunger-gaunt face. “You didn’t really believe they’d give us the courtesy of a conversation, did you?” “Yes. Yes, I did.” A flash of fond pity crossed her red, goat-slitted eyes. “They’ll never live up to your ideals, Gally. Their nobility is an ugly mask.” Indignant, he stared at her. “I don’t call them noble. They’re animals. Only animals can do the things they do.” That’s why they’d tried to kill them in the first place—and failed, failed miserably because of an ill-placed trust in a dream called the Goddess. There was no Goddess. Nothing could be that cruel.” “And yet you expect them to hold to their word. They still have a veil before your eyes, Gally. Break it. See them for what they are.” He knew what they were, an
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