Sword of the Highlands (Highlands #2) by Veronica Wolff

A Dream Come to Life "Oh!" James said, surprised. Then he added seductively, "you wee jade!" The hard thud of her landing jarred Magda's senses back to her. She was kneeling astride a man in bed. His chest was warm beneath her flattened palms, a light dusting of hair bristled softly through the thin flannel of his nightshirt. Shadows flickered in the dim candlelight, exaggerating the intensity of his black-eyed gaze. "You?" Shock choked her voice into a squeak. "Aye," his voice was groggy with sleep, but the rest of his body seemed to be rousing to wakefulness beneath the covers. "Me indeed." James shook the bed-mussed hair out of his face and broke into a devilish smile as his eyes devoured the length of her. "But do tell, love, who are you?" His hands glided up Magda's legs, disappearing easily under the folds of her dress, thumbs roving to stroke the insides of her thighs. Clearly this was a dream. She had been so obsessed with that portrait, it was no wonder her unconscious mind would summon this particular man. "Still here, love?" James prompted, giving her thighs a
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