Tall, Tanned & Texan (The McGraw Brothers #3) by Kimberly Raye

Chapter 1 Deanie Codge had been waiting her entire adult life to experience really great sex. Sex that included lots of slow, deep kisses and long, lingering touches. Sex that stole her breath away and zapped her common sense. Sex that made her toes tingle and her skin prickle and her body actually throb. Sex that didn’t involve a sleeping bag, a can of insect repellant and the bed of a beat-up pickup truck. Now, after twenty-nine years and one too many mosquito bites, she was this close. Deanie stowed her purse beneath the seat in front of her and her hand paused on the side pocket where she’d tucked her cell phone. She slid it free and noted the flashing message light before powering it off. She had five messages. Probably one from each of her older brothers. Or maybe they were all from Clay. He wasn’t the oldest, but he was the only one who’d settled down and found the right woman. His wife, Helen, was pregnant with their first child, which was due any day now. Since Clay had taken over the family’s cattle ranch—their father suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and had handed over the workload to his most responsible son a
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