Texas Fever (The McGraw Brothers #1) by Kimberly Raye

1 HOLLY FARRADAY made it a rule never to pick up men in bars. But when she saw the cowboy standing near the pool table that occupied the far corner of the only saloon in Romeo, Texas, she couldn’t help making an exception. Cowboy, as in the real deal. There was no loud, blinding Western-cut snap shirt. No dark, stiff jeans. No polished ostrich cowboy boots or barely worn silver belly hat typical of the drugstore variety back in Houston.Faded Wrangler jeans molded to his h*ps and thighs and accented long, sturdy legs that led to worn brown cowboy boots. An equally faded denim button-up shirt outlined his broad shoulders, the cuffs rolled up to reveal tanned forearms sprinkled with golden brown hair. A weathered straw Resistol, the front cocked down just a notch and the sides turned up, sat atop his head. Thick, dark hair curled down around his neck and brushed his collar. A rawhide leather choker clung to the tanned column of his throat. He had a strong jaw shadowed with stubble, a firm mouth and a strong nose. But even more than his appearance, it was the way he carried himself that said he didn’t just talk the talk when it came to the big C. He leaned ag
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