The Bad Boy of Bluebonnet (Bluebonnet #4.5) by Jessica Clare

CHAPTER ONE Emily Allard-Smith lay in bed alone and stared up at the ceiling, listening to the sound of footsteps shuffling overhead. This was the third night in a row that she’d heard someone walking upstairs. It had happened five times in the last month. She looked over at the clock on her bedside table. 3:32 AM. She rolled onto her back again and stared up at the ceiling for a bit longer¸ debating. Get up and check it out? Or barricade herself in her room and wait for dawn? Another scraping noise came from above, and the fine hairs on the back of Emily’s neck stood up. All right, that decided things. The noise was definitely coming from above, and the only guests she’d had in her bed and breakfast had checked out last night. She was alone in the big, spooky Victorian. Her one tenant of the moment, Elise Markham, was gone more than she was here, and tonight was one of those nights where she was gone. Things seemed to be quiet when Elise was in residence. So naturally, the moment she was out, the ghosts started up again. God, she hated this house. Turning on a light, Emily winced as it flickered. Stupid wiring. Stupid house. T
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