The Book of Spells (Marriage to a Billionaire #4.5) by Jennifer Probst

SECOND CHANCES A short story with Alexa and Nick from The Marriage Bargain Nick Ryan lay down next to the fire and stroked the back flank of Old Yeller. He found the sweet spot and smiled when the dog’s leg quivered, and began beating the floor in the familiar rhythm of sudden ecstasy. After a few moments, he lost the momentum and slumped back into sleeping mode, his chest lifting with shallow pants. He was sick. Nick felt the wrongness in his bones. Yes, he was older. Since Alexa had taken him from the shelter, his age was a rough estimate, and the dog could be anywhere from ten to fifteen at this point. They’d assigned him an age and an October birthday so Nick estimated an approximate age of twelve years old. Optimistically. Old Yeller never had boundless energy, probably from his rough past and the air of dignity he wore like a royal cloak. Simba tortured him with love, rough play, and tumbled affection, but Old Yeller preferred the quiet moments in life like Nick. A good meal. A hot fire. Beautiful music. Simple fulfillment. He never wanted to open himself up to loving an animal this much. Alexa had broken through his walls and strolled right
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