The End of Games (The Single Lady Spy #2) by Tara Brown

Chapter One Renos The presents under the dimly-lit tree were shiny like they had lights beneath them, making their paper glisten. I ran a finger across the shimmering silver gift at the foot of the tree, sticking out onto the area rug. There was nothing but a huge S on the tag. No name, just an S. I ran my fingers across the S and realized it felt wet. When I lifted my fingers, they were red. The S turned to blood and ran down the tag, making a puddle on the wooden floor. “Shit!” I panicked, looking around for something to mop it up before it stained my area rug. That really is the problem with being a mom, you can't switch off the need to mop up spills, even in a dream where presents bleed onto your floor. All you really see is another f**king mess to clean up. That would be why I wake up tired most days, I'm even cleaning in my dreams. Who am I kidding? My savage addiction to caffeine had to be at least half the reason I was so tired. I wasn’t even human until my second cup of coffee. But as the dream faded, I didn’t wake up tired that morning. I woke feeling nauseated, my head spinning. My blurry eyes burned
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