The Key by Penny Reid

~Part 1~ The Chest “Why don’t you just open it with a screw driver or a… a… crow bar?” “Shut up.” Anna rolled her eyes, trying the last of the antique keys; huffing in irritation when the long, brass key couldn’t budge the lock. Fanning the keys over her palm she inspected each of them, brushing her brightly painted fingers over their tips and sighing. “It’s not here.” Jake regarded her for a moment, his face brightened with an amused smile. Every Saturday it was the same- regardless of where they went, how small the town, she would always be drawn to the biggest junk store, the most useless antique shop. He couldn’t remember a Saturday when she didn’t go home with at least one key; and from the time they would leave with her purchase to the time they would get back to her apartment, everything was golden. Excitement shone in her eyes- she would laugh a bit more; talk a bit less; link their arms; hold his hand… Throughout the day she would reach inside her pocket and stroke the key with her thumb, her eyes losing focus, her attention fixed elsewhere. Finally, when they
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