The Will (Magdalene #1) by Kristen Ashley

Chapter One The Safest Place I Could Be “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” My mouth filled with saliva when I heard these words, my eyes—shaded by both sunglasses and a big black hat—moving from the shining casket covered in a massive spray of deep red roses to the preacher standing at its side. I wanted to rise up from my chair, snatch the words from the air and shove them down his throat. This was an unusual reaction for me. I wasn’t like that. But he was talking about Gran. Gran, my Gran, the Gran whose body was in that casket. She wasn’t exactly young, this was true. I knew it was coming, seeing as she was ninety-three. That didn’t mean I wanted her to be gone. I never wanted her to be gone. Outside of Henry, she was the only person I had. The only person in this whole world. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Gran wasn’t dust. My Gran was everything. On this thought, I felt them coming and I couldn’t stop them. Fortunately, when they spilled over, they were silent. Then again, they always were. The last time I let loose that kind of emotion was decades ago. I never let
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