Unclaimed (The Amoveo Legend #5) by Sara Humphreys

Chapter 1 “Okay, pal,” Tatiana said evenly as she stroked the puppy’s coat and carried him to the exam room. “I know you’re not going to like this, but you need some stitches.” Bumping the door open with her backside, she placed the puppy on the table. He lay quietly and timidly, watching her with those soulful brown eyes as she gathered the supplies she needed. Tatiana found the poor thing on the side of the road, but she’d felt his energy signature—red with pain and anguish—before she ever saw him. The only good thing about being half Amoveo was her ability to connect with animals on a psychic level. It made her an extremely effective veterinarian and had her patients’ owners calling her an animal whisperer. It wasn’t that she actually spoke to them or that she could hear them speak with words—it was more like the ability to feel what the animals were feeling. Tatiana was able to sense their emotions and in turn could send the animal soothing energy waves. It allowed her to connect with them on a deeper level, which made the animals more willing to let her treat them. Tatiana made quick
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