Waiting For Nick (Stanislaskis: Those Wild Ukrainians #5) by Nora Roberts

Chapter One She was a woman with a mission. Her move from West Virginia to New York had a series of purposes, outlined carefully in her mind. She would find the perfect place to live, become a success in her chosen field, and get her man. Preferably, but not necessarily, in that order. Frederica Kimball was, she liked to think, a flexible woman. As she walked down the sidewalk on the East Side in the early-spring twilight, she thought of home. The house in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, with her parents and siblings, was, to Freddie's mind, the perfect place to live. Rambling, noisy, full of music and voices. She doubted that she could have left it if she hadn't known she would always be welcomed back with open arms. It was true that she had been to New York many times, and had ties there, as well, but she already missed the familiar—her own room, tucked into the second story of the old stone house, the love and companionship of her siblings, her father's music, her mother's laugh. But she wasn't a child any longer. She was twenty-four, and long past the age to begin to make her own. In any case, she reminded herself, she
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